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Aviation-Approved, Non-Metallic Phenolic Scrapers

BCW manufactures a line of safe, highly effective, non-metallic, disposable sealant and adhesives stripping blades and scrapers. The Phenolic blades and scrapers are custom hand crafted with very precise process and assembly technique. These phenolic stripping blades and scrapers will not scratch or damage underlying surfaces.

United Airlines Approved

These phenolic scrapers are manufactured to United Airline’s (UAL) specifications and adhere to UAL drawing dimensions and Mil Spec raw material requirements. ISO 9001 requires raw material traceability to the raw material manufacturer. There are other manufacturers that produce copies of these scrapers but they do not adhere to the strict requirements that UAL demands.

We sell in quantity to give you lowest price

We require a minimum of $75 for your total purchase. This helps us keep your cost down. For an even great discount for larger orders, or to get a free evaluation phenolic scraper sample, please submit your request in the form to the right.

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