Aircraft Approved Polymer & Delrin Scrapers

BCW manufactures a line of safe, highly effective, non-metallic, disposable sealant and adhesives stripping blades and scrapers. These phenolic stripping blades and scrapers are aircraft approved and will not scratch or damage underlying surfaces. They are made from a high performance thermo plastic material and are safe, non-metallic and non-sparking. We have two versions available: handheld and pneumatic rivet gun.

All scrapers are ISO 9001 Compliant. Certification Documents (CERTS) are supplied with all shipments at no additional charge/

We sell in quantity to give you lowest price

We require a minimum of $74 for your total purchase. This helps us keep your cost down. For an even great discount for larger orders, or to get a free evaluation sample, please submit your request in the form to the right.

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Contact Us

BCW Engineering
14567 Big Basin Way
Saratoga, CA 95070


Based in the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area