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Custom Tire Racks – Made to Your Specifications

BCW manufactures made-to-order heavy duty tire racks for companies servicing mass transit and aviation industries. Our custom-made tire racks are made to order according to your custom specifications and come with a money-back guarantee.

BCW TR-16: Tire Storage Rack

The BCW Dual Wheel Tire Storage Rack was designed for storing mounted and un-mounted single and dual wheel bus and truck tires. The tire rack is constructed of heavy wall tubular steel and pipe for safety, strength, and durability. The tire rack has anchored base pads for safety and stability. The dimension of the rack can be customized to fit your workspace. Breakdown version is available.

Custom tire rack, made to order

TR-16 Features
  • Option: Jib Crane Trolley
  • Option: Breakdown versions available
    On-site assembly required
  • Anchored base pads for safety and stability
  • Meets OSHA standards and California Earthquake requirements
TR-16 Spec
  • 33″ Wide x 16‘ Long x 8‘ High
    Custom size is available 
  • Two tier custom quality fabrication
  • 1 year warranty

Get it made to your specs, or buy as is

If you’re in need of made-to-order tire racks that are customized for your unique needs and specifications, or if you want to buy the tire racks that you see here, contact us for more info and a quote.

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