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BCW TS-6010: Heavy Duty Transmission Repair Stand (Pedestal)

The BCW TS-6010 Transmission Rebuilding Stand is equipped with an air-over hydraulics system rated at 15 tons for rotating the transmission 90 degrees in the vertical plane. Flanged ball bearings provide the low friction surface for rotating in the vertical plane and high precision taper bearings allow for easy and safe 360 degree rotation in the horizontal plane when the detent pin is deactivated.


Features Spec
  • Ruggedly constructed for safety, strength, and durability
  • Air over hydraulics
  • Precision taper bearings
  • All roller bearing pivot points
  • Only 100 psi shop air to fully operate
  • An air/spring detent pin securely locks the head in 6
  • Eliminates fatigue and strain associated
    with older hand crank units
  • Rotation Degree: 0°–90°(vertical plane)
    & 360°(horizontal plane
  • 100psi shop air produces 10,000 psi hydraulic pressure &
    15 tons of force
  • 1 year warranty

An animation of a BCW TS-6010: Pedestal Transmission Repair Stand

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If you’re in need of made-to-order heavy duty transmission repair and rebuilding stands that are customized for your unique needs and specifications, or if you want to buy what you see here, contact us for more info and a quote.

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