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Made-to-Order Wheel & Windshield Dollies

BCW manufactures made-to-order heavy duty wheel and windshield dollies for companies servicing mass transit and aviation industries. Our dollies are made to order according to your custom specifications and come with a money-back guarantee.

BCW WD-3000: Large Wheel Dolly

The BCW Large Mobile Wheel Dolly Model WD-3000 is designed for removing and remounting large tires associated with construction, earth moving, or farm tractor type of equipment. Tires can be lifted from shop floor storage surfaces and transported to mounting location. This unit is capable of handling tires as large as 84″in dia. and 40″ in width.

The left wheel dolly in the picture above is customized to meet the requirements of Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Brent Products Division. Unverferth is a manufacturer of quality grain handling equipment. Rated at 3,000 lbs. the unit is modeled after the BCW EL-1500. Equipped with a 12 ton quality jack and built to last. The unit has four five inch steel casters, two swivel and two ridged for easy maneuverability.

Custom-Made Wheel Dolly

Features Spec
  • Can be customized to meet Customer’s needs.
  • Equipped with a 12 ton quality jack
  • Capable of handling 84″ diameter and 40″ width tires.
  • 4-5″ diameter ball bearing HD casters.
  • 1 year warranty.


BCW WSD-1000: Windshield Dolly

The BCW WSD-1000 windshield dolly is a ruggedly designed dolly for maneuvering bus windshields and windows from one location to another with minimum glass breakage and damage. It is designed to hold the glassware along the length of the dolly with no overhang. This design allows glassware to move through narrower door openings and prevents accidental breakage due to impacts with overhanging glassware. WSD-1000 is also equipped with six 6″ diameter polyurethane casters for easy maneuverability. Two swivel casters at each end of the dolly and two rigid casters at the center allow the dolly to be rotated 360 degrees about its center with minimum effort.

Custom-Made Windshield Dolly

WSD-1000 is also designed to minimize possibility of damage while transporting windshield. Vertical tubular stanchions padded with polyethylene tubing protect the glass from scratching and breaking. The floor of the dolly is overlaid with wood and the wood is overlaid with carpet to minimize scratches and impact damages. The dolly has foot operated locking brakes allow the dolly to be locked firmly in place to prevent accidental motion of the dolly.

The unit capacity of the dolly depends on the customer’s glassware size. BCW will custom design the distance of stanchions to maximize the number of windshields/windows capacity.

Features Spec
  • Carpeted wood bottom.
  • Vertical tubular stanchions padded with polyethylene
  • 36″x 96″
    (W x L)
  • Weight: 325 lbs.
  • 6-6″ caster (2 rigid, 4 swivel).
  • 1 year warranty.

Get it made to your specs, or buy as is

If you’re in need of made-to-order wheel and windshielf dollies that are customized for your unique needs and specifications, or if you want to buy what you see here, contact us for more info and a quote.

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